Facing Loss, Death, Anger, Fear & Life Together

Non-profit service project in the Ecome Camp in Israel / Palestine in the Dead Sea region near Jerusalem.

We will offer group healing and process work, non-violent communication circles, systemic and family constellation work, body-mind-spirit meditations, interfaith services morning and night… and open space for what YOU feel called to share and teach.

We gather to be with and learn from one another, in the name of peace.
For 6 days & nights in the desert, let us meet each other and the places in us that hurt and grieve, and celebrate. Bring light, darkness, held emotions, and all that breathes in you.

We welcome Palestinians, Israelis and international participants to join us. We welcome Muslims, Jews, Christians, Druze, and those of all other faiths or none.

Hosted by: Marcus Sorensen, Anne Hoye, Lia Verrees, Dana Muszkatblit, and a team of interfaith ministers, with support from the international community.





Note: The payment will show as “*HEALING HOSTING” on your card statement



Vietnamese Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh said recently, ‘These days, the sangha [spiritual community] is the Buddha.’ Many other people share this view; that the enlightened messiah who has come to save humanity today is not a person but a collective awakening – the most reliable teacher is friends meeting friends. When you find a group of friends who care about the truth, who care about each other, and who share a similar depth of maturity and humor about themselves and each other, you have found your sangha. Value it deeply; it is the boat that will carry you safely across the swamps of imagined separation.

– Arjuna Ardagh, Leap Before You Look

What is group process work?
Group process work has a focus on what arises in the present moment, as well as what gave rise to this in each individual participant and the group’s consciousness as a whole. The facilitator will typically ask the group to share what is going on with them in that moment – what is alive in them – and others may share their resonance or reactions to this. In the reflections and exchanges, participants are invited to be honest, courageous and sincere, without accusations or blame. The group process may take a verbal form, or involve physical movement. It becomes a dynamic deepening of what may appear to be a superficial issue within a person, or between several individuals, into the core of a dynamic that is relevant for all humanity.

This work will be led by Anne Hoye, with support from other graduates of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (

What are Non-Violent Communication circles?

Non-Violent Communication (NVC) is the art of speaking from a place of deep contact with one’s own feelings and needs, while being open to also hearing others’ feelings and needs with empathy. In an NVC remediation circle, participants sit and listen to each other in turn, hearing what each person has to say, and then another person (who may hold an opposing view) repeats back in their own words what they heard. The process is orchestrated by the facilitator who supports each participant towards clear expression. This clear and safe speaking-and-listening dynamic leads to a communication environment that engenders better understanding of others’ positions, and it has been used in places such as Nepal to allow for Government representatives and civil war veterans to hear and understand one another better.

This work will be led by Rachelli Zohar and other local NVC facilitators (
What is systemic and family Constellation work?
In Constellation work, a circle is formed, and a participant will usually be called forward to work on a specific problem they are facing in their family, a group of people to whom they belong, or another dynamic in a system they are a part of. The facilitator will assist the person in selecting representatives from among the other participants who will then step forward to hold certain roles, such as the person’s mother, neighbour, employer, President, etc. Concepts may also be represented, such as Money, War, Hunger, Friendship, and so forth. The Constellation then unfolds with interactions between the representatives. Constellations often provide new information on situations, which are applicable to the person working, and their group, stemming from deep within the transpersonal consciousness that joins all of humanity.

This work will be led by Lia Verrees, with support from her Constellation facilitation training group.
What are Interfaith services?
If all of Earth’s religions and faiths, including atheism, were represented by stars in the night sky, then interfaith ministry tends to the common light that they all shine on humanity. Welcoming all beliefs, and none, an Interfaith service will usually provide possibilities for the participants to reflect on life in its physical and spiritual form, using readings from many different faith traditions, sound, storytelling, and movement. Acts of ceremony with broad appeal may also be offered, to bring shared spiritual longings into manifest form, such as the lighting of a candle to represent Hope, or the sharing of bread to represent Brother- and Sisterhood. All participation is voluntary. Over the 6 days and nights, we will build up to a Rite of Passage for all those who wish to take part, to mark our Peace Camp journey in the desert together.

These services will be led by Rev. Marcus Sorensen, Rev. Nicole van Zomeren, Rev. Sarah Ridout, Rev. Monica Douglas-Clarke and Rev. Zia Ali, ordained from the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation (


We have space for max. 68 participants, equally represented by Palestinians, Israelis and international participants. Three vegetarian meals a day will be prepared on-site. Lodging is in separate men’s and women’s quarters on basic mats. You may wish to bring your mat or underlay, your own pillow and a light sleeping bag or blanket for more comfort. Solar-powered showers and eco compost toilets are available on-site.

Participants & Funding

We aim to have equal numbers of local and international participants, so we can truly meet and be with one another. The Ecome Center has to charge $40 per day per participant for their costs for food, bills, etc. Many of the locals cannot pay that minimum camp cost of $40 per day. We therefore ask the international participants who are able to please help subsidise the local places in the camp by contributing more than the bare minimum ticket price. We also ask the international community who wish to support our Peace Camp to donate whatever is possible for you to help us make this happen.

The suggested ticket price donation is $600 for the 6 days and nights at the camp, which pays for your accommodation (in communal quarters) and board (3 vegetarian meals a day – copious and fresh), and also helps one local Israeli or Palestinian to attend the camp, and contributes to the facilitation costs of the camp (flying in international teachers and ministers, translating into Arabic and Hebrew, documenting the camp, etc.)

The absolute minimum donation to gain a ticket is $300. This pays for your own accommodation and board, but does not support the camp facilitation costs or any local participants. If this is the only option possible for you to join us, it is open. We trust that there will be enough donations arriving in other ways for the Peace Camp to happen.

Larger donations are VERY WELCOME for tickets and any size of donation for support without attendance is also warmly welcome and very much appreciated.

When you click the donate button at the bottom of this page, you can select your donation size, either for a ticket to the Peace Camp, or just to support our project.


Important Information for Participants:

This is NOT a luxury holiday, but an emotionally intensive and possibly strenuous physical experience, in service of humanity:

  • We will be in basic, shared accommodation and you are advised to bring your own sleeping gear for comfort.
  • We will share simple but clean communal sanitation facilities (separate for men and women), open to the skies but surrounded by palm leaves for privacy.
  • We will likely be hot during the day and night, at the end of April in the Judean Desert: temperatures could rise to 35C (95F) or higher if there is a heatwave.
  • We will be required to wear modest clothing that makes participants of all faiths feel comfortable: this specifically means NO sleeveless tops or thigh-length shorts, but t-shirts and knee-length (approximately) shorts and skirts are acceptable, for both women and men. No bikinis or bare chests at any time in mixed areas.
  • We will need to use organic soaps and shampoos, as the water is recycled for agricultural use.
  • We will be doing intensive group work, with sounds from the outside world or the kitchen staff perhaps just a colourful room-dividing sheet away.
  • We will be together almost all the time during group meetings and night times, with a sacred space set aside for quiet personal reflection time.

If you do not have some experience with or capacity for camping or spending intensive time with others at very close quarters (such as in dormitories or camps), this may not be the place for you. If you feel a call to adventure, to service for humanity, and wish to have some stories to tell for years to come, then join us.
Location: Ecome Camp – visit website >
Starting time: 24 April 2016: check in from 4pm – followed by group dinner in the evening
Ending time: 30 April 2016 at 1pm – group lunch provided before camp closure
Recommended airport: Tel Aviv Ben Gurion
Transfers: We will arrange for a bus transfer between Tel Aviv / Ben Gurion airport and the Ecome Camp in the afternoon of 24 April. Estimated price per participant each way: $10
Food: If you have special dietary requirements, please bring what you can from home to support you / supplement the provided vegetarian meals. There are some cafés around the entrance of the Ecome Center, which may also be able to supplement you with some basics.
Camping: Note that the accommodation and facilities are BASIC and shared. Please see the photo album for an impression of the Ecome Center where we will be staying and being together. For extra comfort, please bring your own underlay, a thin sleeping bag or blanket, and a pillow. Mattresses are provided in the sleeping quarters, but are basic. A MOSQUITO NET will also be helpful to get a good night’s sleep, and you may wish to bring ear plugs, as we are next to the desert road that runs to the Dead Sea, and there may be trucks, etc. that roll past at night.

The showers will be run on a rota basis. There are two shower rooms: one for women and one for men. Each shower room has a communal changing area and two separate shower cubicles with curtains. For participants who prefer, for gender identity or personal reasons, to have the shower space to themselves, special times will be set aside on the rota, although these may have to coincide with group meeting hours. Please bring NATURAL ORGANIC SOAPS and shampoos, as the running water is recycled for agricultural purposes.





Note: The payment will show as “*HEALING HOSTING” on your card statement

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