Ever get the feeling you have been here before?

Your subconscious mind might be telling you something.

Past Life Regression is a powerful tool that allows for your subconscious mind to be heard. Are there eras in history that you have always resonated with? Do you have little habits and peculiarities that you cannot really connect to anything in this life? Do you sometimes meet people you feel like you have known before? Is your purpose in this life eluding you, or so broad that you don’t know where to focus?

pastliferegressionThrough the emotional experience and intellectual insight of your past lives, or your subconscious metaphors of this concept, you can unlock precious information about your soul’s purpose, the recurrent relationship patterns you form with certain people, the origin of deep-rooted fears and phobias, and literally discover yourself in a whole new light. The journey of past life regression is akin to the collection of puzzle pieces, where the picture starts to become clearer as you pursue your exploration of the territory beyond. When you have gathered enough pieces, and glimpsed the picture in its wholeness, the vision of yourself in your timeless presence is one that you will be sure never to forget.

Past Life Regression requires a deep trance, and involves preparatory work before you start on the journey backwards (or forwards, even, for lives in a future timeline). It requires emotional maturity, a willingness to explore and an open mind. Initial sessions take 3 hours in total to reach the required depth of trance, then access the past life experience that your subconscious mind feels to be of most benefit to you at this time, assimilate the learning, and finally re-enter your present timeline.

Audio recordings are made of the sessions to help you refer back to the information that was gathered.

Some psychics, mediums and other channels offer readings that will access past life information on behalf of the client. On that topic , the Pathwork Guide has this to say:

The information I give you here is not to be confused with the practice of many psychics, who tell a person where, when and in what form he or she has lived in previous periods of history. Such information is usually — with few exceptions — pointless, and only serves sensationalism. Only when traits and attitudes are under discussion is this of any value. And even then, in most instances, the realization, if necessary, should come from yourself, through your own intuitive sensing. Then such insight will complete a picture that has bearing on your present struggle, on your current task.”

Regression under hypnosis allows for that very personal intuitive sensing to come to the surface and be heard, from deep inside yourself. Marcus Sorensen will help you to explore and integrate the traits and attitudes that you discover from your alternate lifetimes to make them truly valuable to your life today, and your current task.




3 hour initial appointment: £150

2 hour follow-up session: £100




Marina NHS Manager
I’ve been processing and wondering about the session we had last Saturday… and feeling very grateful for your gentle and knowing lead which allowed me to completely trust the process. What is so interesting about this work is that it’s about the ‘past’ and yet so much about the present. I observe how a heavy layer has lifted off me, that of a grief unexplained, a loss I never quite got over. The blessing of ‘knowing’ where this grief came from in a previous life is the immediate emotional shift I experienced, the shedding of a layer of the ‘pain body’. I feel so much lighter emotionally, as if a heavy burden has lifted. One whose origins were a mystery to me, although I conjectured different scenarios. Thank you so much for the opportunity to make these discoveries!”
Maria PhD Student
This just to let you know that I am truly grateful for the session we did. I believe that I am still processing the experience and trying to figure out how to incorporate it to my present life. Overall I think it was a really rewarding, insightful and happy experience even if it was also very emotional.”
Adrian Performing Artist
I had an amazing session. I was not sure what to expect, if anything, but was really surprised at the memories I uncovered from past lives. Also, it was so interesting to discover a couple of people who are in my life now, I knew then. There are definitely lessons I can take from this moving forward, I’m so glad I got to have this experience.”


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St. Elisabeth of Hungary spinning wool for the poorA documentary was created about clients who have visited Past Life Regression therapist Ursula Demarmels from Austria. The following YouTube clips show how she assists a female client in accessing remarkable memories from a past life that extensive historical proof was able to verify, stunning even expert historians in their accuracy:

St. Elisabeth of Marburg (in German with English subtitles)

Part 1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZfEhUQTxRM

Part 2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9STOiomNzk