Do you need someone to listen?

Someone to help carry the burden of what ails you?

spiritualcounselling-candle-reflection Spiritual Counselling is a supportive and deeply respectful therapeutic modality that invokes the remembrance of who you truly are, beyond time, in the deepest sense. Sitting together with the sacred in us and around us, we give space for anything that you need to say, think, feel or be with, while allowing for silence, too.

We hold the soul, rather than the mind, as the focus, and we walk the journey back towards wholeness at this profound level.

Whether you have had a spiritual experience that you cannot make sense of, are going through an intense spiritual awakening that renders it very hard to be in the “normal” world, or whether you do not have any idea of what your soul might even be about, we work towards a grounded self-awareness and self-realisation that keeps you safe and together even when the going gets tough, scary or lonely.

As an ordained Interfaith Minister from the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation and an empathic human being, my intention is to minister to the needs of your soul in Spiritual Counselling sessions, and to help bridge the spiritual and physical dimensions of your life.


60 minute session: £60