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In this seminar lasting 2 hours and 30 minutes, Marcus Sorensen firstly presents the links between body and mind, starting with the five senses, and then moves onto proprioception, the concept of Interoception (his PhD research area), the theory of Embodied Cognition, and a condition called alexithymia. In the second part, he presents the main cognitive domains, complete with tests to check your own abilities in them, and then explores the research on physical exercise keeping our brains in tip-top shape.

Questions such as these are addressed:

  • How do the experiences of our body contribute to our thoughts and feelings?
  • How can neuroscience measure a “gut feeling”?
  • Why are some people better able to sense what another person is feeling?
  • Can physical exercise change our brains? And if so, what sorts of improvements can we hope for?

The seminar draws on seminal research on the Embodied Cognition literature as well as other recent material from the forefront of body-mind neuroscience investigations. It is a lively mixture of theory, demonstrations and experiential practice. No prior knowledge of neuroscience is required. Therapists of all backgrounds, coaches, personal trainers and healers may find it of particular interest to attend.

- Extended essay of 5800 words by Marcus Sorensen on the Effects of Physical Exercise on Different Cognitive Domains, complete with all references for studies from the second part of the seminar (0.3MB)

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made me go back to running, no way back now!

dusted off my trainers after watching this webinar,,, it should come with a health warning... appreciate how you make this neuroscience subject fun so everyone can get it and benefit. thanks :-)

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