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In this seminar lasting 2 hours and 30 minutes, exploring how creativity arises in the brain, and how we can enhance those processes in ourselves.

Questions such as these are addressed:

  • What does “creativity” look like inside the brain?
  • Are some people just born creative, or can it change through our lifetime?
  • What does brain damage do to creativity?
  • How can we improve our ability to produce creative ideas?

These questions, and many more, will be addressed in this seminar, drawing on theory by the inventor of “lateral thinking”, Edward De Bono, and the psychologist who coined the “Flow state”, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, as well as the latest neuropsychological and neuroscientific research in the domain of creativity. It is a lively mixture of theory, demonstrations and experiential practice. No prior knowledge of neuroscience is required. Therapists of all backgrounds, coaches, teachers, business consultants, artists, designers, and healers may find it of particular interest to attend.

- PDF version of Liane Gabora's 'Revenge of the Neurds' article with biological explanations of the creative process from a neuroscience perspective (0.4MB)

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fun for exam revision

got cognitive neuroscience exams coming up for my psychology degree and these recordings are a great way to feel like I am procrastinating but actually learning stuff. how's that for creatively tricking my brain? !
pls make some recordings on detailed neuro-anatomy as well cos it's so easy to remember when you explain it with stories and pictures.

Now I get it! Thank you!

I was going Ah-ha! Ah-ha! Ah-ha! over and over while watching this presentation by Marcus... he joined up the dots for me between the anatomy of the brain, and the way creativity actually happens, and gave me good tips on getting moe creative myself. Really appreciate it -- highly recommend this presentation for anyone interestd in creativity!

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