Healing comes from the same word root as “whole”.

How would a return to Wholeness help you?

Our physical bodies have extraordinary self-healing abilities, which has seen the human race survive, evolve and thrive for hundreds of thousands of years. Our emotional and spiritual “bodies” are closely tied to our physical wellbeing, and they can affect each other profoundly. Sometimes we forget to pay attention to some of these dimensions of our whole being, and a gentle reminder can be very helpful.

front_healingEnergy healing works directly with the field of energy that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. Different aspects of the energy field contain different aspects of the human experience, such as physical structure, emotion, mental activity, relationships, and so forth. Working with the energy field, it is therefore possible to bring about healing in all dimensions, encouraging physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity, improved relationships with oneself and others, clearer purpose in life and more peace in one’s soul.

Brennan Healing Science is a specific type of healing modality that comprises a powerful set of techniques for working with the human energy field.

Through strengthening, balancing and clearing the human energy field around us, we can regain access to our innermost resources, that we might have forgotten we had. This can have wide-reaching effects on both physical and psychological wellbeing. To read more about this healing modality, please visit www.barbarabrennan.com >

It is also possible to carry out energy healing remotely. Please see the Distance Healing page for more information >


60 minute session: £60