What is trauma?

It can have a multitude of causes, unique to you and your experiences.

The common factor for events that lead to trauma is that they are not anticipated and are outside the realms of what we deem to be acceptable – physically, emotionally or socially.

It can stem from abuse, whether physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, or any improper treatment that led you to feeling violated, and it could be from a one-off attack or a recurring form of abuse that takes place over long periods of time.

Trauma can also arise from accidents, catastrophic events, physical injury, violence, terminal illness or bereavement.

As we all react differently to these types of events, it is important not to compare yourself to other people, even if they went through the same experience. By getting help as soon as you need it, you will be giving yourself the best chance to overcome any issues and move on with your life.

It is especially important to get help if you experience any of the following:

  • You feel unable to function in day-to-day life
  • You are unable to form or maintain relationships
  • You are self-medicating with drugs and/or alcohol
  • You are experiencing severe flashbacks
  • You feel emotionally numb
  • You are suffering from an anxiety/stress disorder due to trauma

Therapy Therapy Approach

I use a mixture of psycho-education, to help you understand why your body and mind are reacting in the way they do, and somatic experiencing, to help you release the trauma symptoms in your body.

Trauma release technique utilises the body’s unique ability to heal itself by focusing on bodily sensations as opposed to thoughts and memories. We do not need to talk about what happened to you, particularly not over and over. Instead, the therapy looks at what is happening in the body by getting in touch with trauma-related tension. At this point, your physical instincts take over and you will be able to release pent-up energy by through shaking and other physical reactions, just like animals do, following the wisdom of the body and nature.


60 minute session: £60